Some of the things you should make decisions on as you start are: never to allow anyone offend you out of your assignment and never to allow anything put you in a state of discouragement for long. These things will come at you at some point as you start. It’s all part of the pain and joy of pioneering. You stay with what God has said to you per time and you will definitely see His faithfulness. God is super amazing.

In the earlier days of this ministry, my wife and I went out for evangelism and I felt led for us to speak to these guys who were sitting in front of a restaurant. We spoke and they listened until one of them asked us where we worshipped. “CITIZENS OF LIGHT CHURCH” we said. The next thing I knew these guys started laughing so loud, one almost fell off his chair. Another one said to us “We can NEVER come to that Church.” He told us why, he said, ‘Is it not that Church that you people are only 3 and all you have is a pulpit?” I left there so discouraged. It was the end of evangelism for that day. I went home to think about my life.

Months later, guess who I saw in Church on Sunday morning? These same guys. They are members now and have invited nothing less than six new people to Church.

DONT GIVE UP PLEASE. You will soon see the reward of God.

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