Muyiwa Areo Ministry International, (MAMI) has the vision of taking the message of FREEDOM to the nations, stressing with simplicity and clarity the liberty of believers in Christ and raising other freedom agents across the globe. Her President is Pastor Muyiwa Areo with Pastor Temitope Areo being the Vice President. They are adept teachers of the word of God with contemporary relevance. They have unique insight into the word of God; providing verity for a lifestyle of freedom in Christ. Pastor Muyiwa and Pastor Temitope are the Senior Pastors of Citizens of Light Church (CLC) which is the firstborn of MAMI.

Freedom on Air is our Radio and Video platform through which we take the gospel of our Lord Jesus into the homes of millions and thousands that we naturally may not have been privileged to see or meet physically.

This platform empowers MAMI to reach more souls with the message of freedom. Join Pastor Muyiwa Areo on Royal FM Ilorin (95.1) every Saturday at exactly 5:30 PM (16:30 UTC ).


A passion in our heart is the establishment of God’s Children in Godly relationships that will eventually translate to model homes. It’s on the strength of this platform that we minister to singles. 

We equip them with sound knowledge of God’s Word for choices, working out relationships and knowing when to walk out and start over if need be.

We believe happily ever after begins with choices made from the start of dating. We hope to see you in one of our meetings.

A core conviction in our hearts born out of understanding of God’s Word is that it is God’s responsibility to call a man but the man must endeavour to fulfil his call and ministry.

MIT is a mentoring platform for Pastors, those in HELPS MINISTRY, ITINERANT TEACHER to help fulfilling the call of God and to minimize casualties and mistakes in the fulfilment of destiny.

The platform holds its meetings 6 times in a year. Venues are communicated to registered members of MIT.

A very crucial part of preparation for ministry is a proper, structured, disciplined environment of learning where teaching, training and equipping can be done. 

FMA is God ordained for this purpose. It is a once in a year ACADEMY that runs for 7 weekends with proper graduation and certification. It is an intense boot camp where doctrines are set forth and wisdom is poured out.

This is the publishing arm of MAMI. We are saddled with an awesome responsibility to extend the message of freedom that Christ purchased for us through the printed media

We do not just publish; we see to the distribution of these power packed materials to the nations. Most of our publications are available in hard and soft copies for easier distribution.

Revive Ministry Camp is our yearly camp meetings with ministry in focus. It is usually a time of deep encounters with God. 

It is an unusual season of birthing forth God’s will on earth through intense teachings, the labour room of prayers, powerful impartation of the Spirit and a place of destiny. It’s usually a place of refuelling; where fresh oil is injected into wheels of ministry.

Birthing the Seed has the vision of raising a generation of women who are committed to taking ownership of their future family.

We achieve this through the instrumentality of prayer, sound teaching and training. It is home to a lot of hungry and blessed hearts believing God for more manifestations of the spirit in their homes and families.

LOMS is an idea born out of passion for those who for some reasons of distance can’t benefit from real physical mentorship

 It exists to bridge the gap between mentors and protegees. It’s a platform that brings you closer in spite of distance.