Dear Starter

Success has a path that has been previously treaded by many great men of history. However, too many people craving novelty and “uniqueness”, usually as a function of pride, do not seek proper counsel and guidance on how to express the call they have received or the vision God has put in their hearts. Many more are just unfortunately surrounded by the wrong patterns of practice and misleading doctrine. 

Pastor Muyiwa Areo has been raised to train ministers in the body of Christ on how to engage wisdom for life and ministry, which is pivotal to them living a balanced life that ticks the necessary requirement of rightness as ministers of God who serve His people correctly. This is why he has created Dear Starter, a platform where he teaches functional practices of ministry as well as shares some of his experiences and testimonies on his apostolic journey. It is his ardent desire to spur young ministers unto deeper commitment to the work God has committed to their hands, help them purify their intentions as well as encourage them to keep taking steps of faith until they fulfil all that God has designed for them to fulfill

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