The place of exercising your muscles is actually one of the hard places. Anytime you go to the gym to attain certain physical goals, you must be ready to stay especially when it seems too difficult to continue if you must attain that goal. The process of body building doesn’t come too easy. This statement stuck with me from Oreta Hagin’s book when I read it. I’m finding out in the journey of pioneering that there are many hard places that present themselves and they usually come with a boycott route, alternatives and compromises which promise instant deliverances from your supposed woes but truth is that they never develop the necessary muscles you will need for your next level.

I particularly remember one occasion when it was fasting season in the Church, my wife was pregnant with our first child then. She insisted that she was going to join the fast for some days. On one of the days of the fast, she came to meet me and said; ‘Baby, what food are we eating to break the fast?’ We didn’t have anything at home for food, no money either. But I told her that whenever she was ready to break her fast the Lord will supply. When it was around 1pm she said it was time to break her fast. I said the Lord will provide. At a point I knew the hunger was getting unbearable for her. But I didn’t really know where help was going to come from except that I knew the word would have to work and we must see it work. Instantly, all the names of the people who told me to call them if I needed anything started flooding through my mind. But I thought to just stay with what I knew works. Was it easy? No Sir, No ma. After a while we heard a knock on our door and a dear woman who was a Church member brought food, plenty of it. I think it was her birthday or so and she thought to bring the food and celebrate with us. You know how it is, I first acted like “It’s just food”. When she left my wife and I ran to the kitchen and we knelt down and praised God. Calling someone would have brought immediate deliverance but I would have forfeited the better resurrection which I am seeing now. I am bolder and more confident of divine supply now than before. I am more confident that God will not fail you. It’s not suffering like I always say, it’s only process. It’s only a phase that will soon pass. Mine has passed, in that, well, now I have food. I am not waiting for any knock on the door. You may still be waiting for that knock on the door, don’t despair. You will soon be the one giving food to people. Now my family takes care of some other family now. I know they too will soon move to their next level. 

Thank you for doing the work of God. Our reward is sure. 


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