Sometimes obedience is easy when there is no pressure on you to make a quick decision that could save you a lot. And everybody can claim to obey God when the leading is towards what they’ve always wanted to do. But in ministry, decisions are what you make almost now and then. And they are decisions that could make or mar the work. So sometimes, the pressure to make a quick one will always come. I believe it’s the heart of a shepherd that God has given us, such that cares genuinely and guards jealously the flock. The people are God’s people, you as their Pastor, are there to provide that covering. So any little discomfort to them, you are quick to want to make a decision to ease it. But at the end of the day, it pays to always go with what God is saying no matter the pressure to do otherwise.

You see, at some point in the ministry the work wasn’t growing at the rate I thought it should. And you know when you’ve been preaching faith and confession plus the integrity of God’s word, but the growth of the Church seems to be exempted from the result of your teaching. I remember I came for one of our mid-week services and as I mounted the stage and saw the congregation, discouragement wanted to settle in my heart. But without wasting time, I started making a loud a confession right there on the stage and before I knew it the congregation joined me and we all rejoiced at the end. Afterwards I prayed and fasted; I evangelized; I studied hard; I preached and taught harder. So finally I concluded that our venue was the problem. It’s not strategic enough I thought. Truly it is not. Cabs don’t pass through G.R.A, so if you don’t have a car, it will be a bit of a bother to get to the venue. It is also quite expensive coming to CLC considering where most folks come from.

I then decided to look for a venue by the roadside where people could come in easily to hear the word of God. I finally found one venue but it was too much frustration from the management; come today; come tomorrow; and their tomorrow was unending. Then one day in prayer The Lord told me to stay in the same place we are. He said we shouldn’t relocate. He told me to stick to my responsibility and leave his own responsibility to him. You preach the word faithfully and stay in prayer; I will bring the people. Paul planted; Apollos watered and God gave the increase 1Corinthians 3:6. That is, increase of the word and people. 

So I stayed with my responsibilities. And to the glory of God and his faithfulness, we started increasing, increasing and increasing. I checked the attendance for 2 Sundays ago and it struck me that between January and now that I am writing this chapter, we have doubled in size without any handbill or special programme. Our workers have had to stand up in many of our services. There isn’t space for an extra pillow, talk more of a chair in that same hall now. We now have a compulsory overflow. We are already negotiating a bigger venue. I am so glad God didn’t leave me in the dark as per his plans for his Church; also for the grace to do promptly what he commanded. He wouldn’t leave you in the dark either. That your ministry will grow, that work in your hand will increase but I understand more and more that divine direction will produce the desired growth. I believe in what you are doing for the Lord and applause of heaven is for you.  


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