There are 5 main reasons why people reject you. They are: 

1) They don’t see anything of value in you at the moment.

2) They are too blinded by their immediate success so they assume they will always be ahead of you.

3) They are scared of you so they try to crush you early. 

4) They don’t understand your vision and your ways of doing things.

5) “My way is the only way syndrome” these are folks that succeeded charting a course, feel everyone that must succeed in life must follow that single route.

Whatever the reason they reject you, rejection is never something beautiful to swallow. It usually leaves the rejected wounded. Now rejection itself will most likely not kill you. Just like most wounds don’t kill. The problem however, lies in when you refuse to heal from the rejection, leaving the wound to fester and allowing the possibility of an infection. Wounds may not kill but infection will kill you. Rejection may not kill but offense will. Refuse to be offended in people. Offense will lead to bitterness and then you can poison yourself with the bile coming from within. If there is something I have suffered from a lot in life especially growing up, it is REJECTION but guess what, it made me STRONGER, TOUGHER, and MORE DISCERNING. When people try to do it to me now, I usually smile and say to myself, ”YOU CAME TOO LATE, little you” I get up, focus on my work and please the one and only person that matters, GOD! Stop trying to get into their camp, stop trying to be get their validation, stop trying too hard. You hurt yourself more that way. Love people, I still do. Honour all men, I still do. Help all that need your help, I still do when I can. But it can’t be confused with seeking alliance or validation. Refuse the infection. Heal from the wound. I can’t guarantee that the scars will disappear though. WELCOME TO FREEDOM!!!

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