There are many fears that confront us as we step out to do God’s will. But one thing I have and I’m realizing is that it’s not as bad as we imagined and it’s not as difficult as we have been told. If we will be courageous and protect the seed in our heart, the seed will eventually prevail over the ground. 

When we were expecting our first child, Davida, things seemed a little tough. One thing I can say to you sirs and mas is that, should you choose to obey God to follow the visions of your heart, THERE WILL BE PROCESS but unfortunately this is what we call suffering. I have never suffered for one day in this ministry but I have been in process for about 3 years as I’m writing this, and I am loving every bit of it. It’s one conquest after the other. One faith adventure after the other.

Back to Davida’s pregnancy, cash was a little ehm…ehm….** cough** you get right? As my wife’s pregnancy grew, her cloths weren’t her size anymore. She needed maternity clothes but here I was in the process of faith. The vision of God in a man’s heart is as a seed and seeds do grow except that time sometimes is a factor. One day we were going to Church and she said, “Baby, I don’t have anything to wear to Church today” I said, “Glory to God”. Finally she found something she could squeeze herself into, lol. Thank God for my wife. She truly is an angel. Finally she told me “Why don’t we get some affordable ankaras (Ankara is African print fabrics) and make some maternity gowns to use” I said, “Ehen! Correct madam!” Lol. Well we got the ankaras and she made the gowns. She used to look kind of funny in those gowns. I still tease her till this day about those times. Finally Davida came, which is another testimony. 

Fast forward to our second baby. We are expecting our second child now and a while back my wife said the same thing, “Baby I need new cloths”. I said why not. We went to a good shop and got her beautiful and lovely maternity dresses. She picked the ones she desired, NOT THOSE AFFORDABLE ANKARAS AGAIN. Lol.

One thing is that Ankara stage of your vision will come but never in those periods murmur please. Keep your mouth from speaking against God. Don’t see those seasons as suffering, perceive them correctly because they are all just process. It won’t be like that for long. Your faith will grow and your dreams are coming to pass. Stay in praise and offer the fruit of your lips in worship.

My wife and I sometimes look back and laugh at those days when things were tough. Till now we are still in process but it is well cushioned by the mercies of God and the supply of His Spirit. Our needs are supplied supernaturally. 

I believe in you, sir; I believe in you, ma. Greater testimony awaits you. 

Love you plenty.


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