One of the greatest fears we have always had is what will become of us when we do the will of God. The natural instinct of a man is to engage in something that caters for his immediate needs. This is why it’s always a struggle for us when God calls us to leave the city, the business, the job that had been yielding at least to pay your basic bills.  You are not alone my Dear Starter. I had that fear too before I came here but permit me to say to you that HE WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU because He is taking care of us here.

Let me share THIS TESTIMONY with you. When my wife took in for our first daughter Davida, for a whopping 8 month into the pregnancy there was no money to buy anything in preparation for the child. Not even baby pant or hair ruffles and as it is our family culture we do not call anyone for our needs. FAITH MUST BE UNIDIRECTIONAL. It must be toward God alone. I remember how my mum was almost worried sick over the situation (typical of mothers, right?). One day she called me and asked if we had gotten the baby things and I told her, “Yes everything is now ready”, she shouted for joy over the phone. What she didn’t know was that I was speaking my faith.

I went to a baby shop to window shop for all I believed our daughter would need. I wrote them on paper and I began to write bought in front of all the items as though we had purchased them. And we had of a truth purchased through the currency of the WORD OF GOD. What happened three weeks to Davida’s delivery is one thing I will forever remember. I saw the word practically turn everything around. I felt I had gone for the price of the classiest stuff for her but the things God began to give to her were twice as valuable; some of them were three times the price of the ones I had gone to window shop. That girl called Davida lives like the daughter of a millionaire, yet all I have bought for her with my money is just a piece of jacket, because she doesn’t need me to buy anything. God has taken care of her by Himself. In the eleven months of her birth, she has not known a better yesterday. We have even been privileged to be a distribution center. I will never forget how someone we had never met shipped boxes and boxes of very expensive toys, cloths, swing, baby cradle, warmer and wipes that was so much I didn’t have to buy any in 6 months. My Dear Starter, God has taken care of us and He will take care of you too. God will raise men for you too. NEVER manipulate, just keep hope alive. Keep faith alive and keep the word alive in your heart.

I can’t promise you a mansion, a range rover or any of those hyper expensive stuff for now but I am persuaded he will rock your world with divine supplies you will become a wonder.

Please get up and do God’s work today.

We love you. 


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