I really feel I should emphasize this point from the previous chapter. Foundation matters and more importantly, the right foundation matters a lot. Please don’t be carried away with the applause of men, the praises of mortals, the accolades, the handshakes, and the mad craze for the hall of fame. There is nothing wrong if and when they come. Just don’t make it the yardstick to measure how well you are doing in the pursuit of purpose. Men will celebrate you even if you are digressing from purpose. Just be popular and gifted, people will celebrate you but it does not mean you are fulfilling your God designed purpose. We were not left here primarily to build a legacy and to be remembered. We are left here to prepare for eternity. Should men now remember us for doing the will of God in our generation, then it’s okay but it is not the drive.

See yourself as Noah building a safety ark and not a pleasure yacht. The life I have here now and the one you have is but a blank cheque given to you. With your actions in accordance to the plan of God you ink and write on that cheque. So you can cash it on the other side. But most importantly and above all, hear God say to you, ‘Good and faithful servant’. For me, This is how I judge all. You have to decide early, there are many distractions ahead. A SIMPLE WINK OF APPROVAL FROM GOD SHOULD MEAN MORE THAN THE STANDING OVATIONS OF MEN.

This will determine the kind of messages you preach; whether or not you will play politics with your call. It will inform your financial decisions. I believe God to interpret this better to you.


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