Deal with Envy

DEAL WITH ENVY!!! It’s the undoing of many ministers. The spirit of envy will inspire you to say things you should NOT say…it’s operations is similar to the spirit of pride. They come with utterance. You are not the gate keeper of heaven, you are not the S.I unit of correctness, you are not the […]

Focus on your work

YOU DONT HAVE TO BEAT SOMEBODY TO BE SOMEBODY Keith Moore!!!! Don’t get or take satisfaction in ministry from beating another ministry in any index of measurement you set. Large is not equal to being in the will of God and small is not equal to being outside of the will of God. There are […]


I have been around in ministry for a while, maybe silently so…but I have been around. I have observed, I have learnt and I am still learning. One of the most difficult things to do is to UNBECOME what you have BECOME. It’s very possible but it’s just difficult. Many years ago I had met […]