Regularly in every man’s life, it is important to take some time to retreat; a time of spiritual emphasis where you prayerfully camp around the Word of God to receive strength and focus for the journey ahead

Are you a woman? Do you need to retreat? Then, Retreat with Pst Temi is for you

Retreat with Pst Temi is a 3-days Prayer and Word retreat with Pst Temitope Areo, Co Lead Pastor of Citizens of Light Church

These are the days when God is pouring out His Spirit upon us lavishly and without holding back. These are the days when there is an avalanche of grace, a great deluge of power, a mighty revelation of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea. These are the days of the latter rain when women will be soaked, drenched and immersed in the rain.

This retreat is going to launch us into depths of the supernatural, as we launch our arsenals of war against darkness and wickedness and we boldly stop the mouth of lions and enforce the kingdom in every sphere and section of life generally and our lives in particular. There is going to be an awakening of women to spiritual realities as we are launched into our prophetic destinies and we discover and let loose the giant in us. 

It’s going to be a time like never before with the Holy Spirit as He Himself hosts us into the time of our life and spiritual adventure we will never recover from. Our spirits will be ignited, our souls properly aligned and our bodies in tuned

Illumination, liberation, ecstasy, consecration and transformation will accompany our experiences these three days as Jesus alone is glorified and we all are edified.

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